The Birth Works Project Backstory

This project began with passion, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and spirited conversation.  Sarah, who created and hosts the series, was a brand new Doula, fresh out of a 5 month Doula Mentorship, with just enough information to fuel her thirst for more.  She thought about all the incredible birthworkers who came before her – who inspire her – many of whom she knew personally.  She decided to call each one of them and ask for wisdom and guidance.  Then she had the incredible revelation that other people – mothers, doulas, midwives, sisters, expecting mamas, and friends – could benefit tremendously from such information too.  Hence, this series was born.  Sarah hosts a FREE public call, which is recorded live each month – and offers it up here on this blog.

The birthing industry in the United States is incredibly corrupt, bought out by special interest, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies and government interest.  Very last on the list is the interests of mother and baby. The birth industry is a big money industry – one of the biggest grossing of the entire health care system.

I believe the care we take with the birthing of a child; holding sacred space for the empowerment of the mother through this rite of passage, and ensuring no undue harm is done to the incredibly impressionable infant – using modern knowledge of scientifically relevant practices and procedures, and ancient wisdoms passed down for centuries mother to mother – that this could change the world for the better one thousand-fold.

Pregnancy, Birth and the Postpartum period are the most awe inspiring, magical, transformative, and mysterious events witnessed by human beings, ever. Sacred is an understatement. The purpose of this project is to make sure this power is not lost to ignorance, greed, or convenience.

Tell your friends, mothers and sisters – the more we all care to know, the more the rest of the world will know to care!


About Sarah

sarah lou headshotSarah Louisignau is the Transformation Doula. She has committed to exploring what is below the surface, and through a career as a Transformative Bodyworker, Women and Couples Coach, Fertility Professional, and Birthworker, she has culminated over 1,000 hours and a decade of study –  uncovering truth in the human relationship with self and other. She works with individuals and couples in deep-dive bodywork and coaching alliances.

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