Healing Grief and Trauma of Infant and Stillborn Death

Healing Grief and Trauma of Infant and Stillborn Death

with Dr. Ivy Margulies


This month I am so honored to host Dr. Ivy Margulies!

Dr. Ivy Margulies

Ivy is a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles specializing in maternal mental health, including postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, reproductive challenges, miscarriage, and newborn loss and grief. Ivy’s expertise also includes child and adolescent development and attachment parenting. Dr. Margulies enjoys working with parents on their parenting skills, knowledge, and improving the parent-child attachment relationship. Ivy’s clinical approach is to integrate psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and bring awareness to the mind-body-spirit connection through meditation, visualization and breath work.

In addition to Dr. Margulies’ clinical practice, she is a death midwife. What does this mean? Death midwifery is an ancient practice yet the term “death midwife” is relatively new. Just as a birth midwife assists the family in the transition of bringing a new life into the world, a death midwife assists and helps educate the family on processes associated with the transition of life into death, at any age. The work Ivy does is designed to create a sacred space for parents who have lost their newborn for reasons that are unknown and make no sense. Ivy’s work as a clinical psychologist and death midwife (bereavement doula) is to companion and educate women and their families after they find out their baby has died in-utero or will die shortly after birth.

TWITTER: @DrIvyMargulies

FaceBook Dr. Ivy Margulies Angels Born Still: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Ivy-Margulies-Angels-Born-Still/119372741406162?ref=hl

FaceBook Stillbirth Couples Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/stillbirthhealing?ref=hl

FaceBook Miscarriage Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/miscarriagesupportgroupangelsbornstill2730?ref=hl

Facebook Pregnancy After A Loss Support Group https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pregnancy-After-A-Loss/1132472210103442

Return To Zero – (the movie and retreat information) http://returntozerothemovie.com/blog/return-to-zero-retreat-a-journey-through-grief-to-healing/

snippet: Contrary to popular belief that pregnancy is a biologically protective and emotionally joyful time, women are actually quite vulnerable to a spectrum of psychiatric disorders throughout the perinatal period. Unfortunately, approximately one-third of all pregnancies will end in some form of loss such as miscarriage, stillbirth or termination. In the United States, one baby, every 21 minutes is stillborn. Many women suffer silently after a perinatal loss due to stigma, isolation, shame and fear.

We speak about the staggering statistics in this country surrounding infant mortality and stillborn deaths, the ways in which the medical system disempowers families in situations of unexpected loss, the ways in which we as a community can be there for our friends and families who have the misfortune of experiencing loss, and how to help ourselves heal as a collective.

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Photo Credit Chris Klau
Photo Credit Chris Klau

Sarah Louisignau, host of the Birth Works! Project, is a CAPPA trained Doula, focusing on Yoga + Ayurvedic practices to serve her clients with ancient wisdoms. She also practices Thai Yoga Bodywork, Pelvic Floor Therapy and has trained in Maya Abdominal Massage. She practices and sees clients in the Pacific Northwest. 


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