As Above, So Below: Yoga, the Mind, and the Pelvic Floor


As Above, So Below: Yoga, the Mind, and the Pelvic Floor

with Candice Garrett


This month I am pleased to introduce my colleague in pelvis loving – Candice Garrett 

Candice Garrett
Candice Garrett

Candice is the director of the Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga and Doula training programs, author of Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness, and a mom to three sons. She specializes in the female pelvic floor, particularly in relation to pregnancy and postpartum and is involved with her teacher, Leslie Howard, in a pilot study at the University of San Francisco on the efficacy of pelvic floor work and yoga on incontinence. She’s taught and presented at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival in 2010 and 2011, for the 2012 Hypnobirthing Conclave and for the 2013 Midwives Alliance of North America conference.


a snippet:  Candice and I have both studied under the national expert on yoga and the female pelvic floor, Leslie Howard.  Working with Leslie drastically changed both of our lives, both personally and professionally. This talk was super fun and informative! Enjoy! 

The most pervasive myth about the female pelvic floor is that all women are in need of tone. Hence, when dysfunction occurs, most women are prescribed kegels. But little known is the role of stress and life experiences, past traumas and lifestyle on the health of the pelvic floor. In order to properly rehabilitate the pelvic floor, you have to begin with the mind. Further, there are more pelvic floor exercises available to women, many of which are plentiful in a normal yoga practice, with the right application. For women who need more tone, or for women who need more relaxation (there is a difference!) yoga can be the right exercise to enhance recovery. 

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Photo Credit Chris Klau
Photo Credit Chris Klau

Sarah Louisignau, host of the Birth Works! Project, is a CAPPA trained Doula, focusing on Yoga + Ayurvedic practices to serve her clients with ancient wisdoms.  She also is a Thai Yoga massage therapist, Pelvis Empowerment advocate and has trained in Maya Abdominal Massage.  She teaches and sees clients in Bellingham, Washington.


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