Sacred Cesarean: Creating a Positive Birth by Cesarean


Sacred Cesarean: Creating a Positive Birth by Cesarean

with Kelly Meehan


a snippet:  A positive cesarean is making a conscious commitment to create better cesarean births for mother and child.  It involves building into the cesarean birth a gentle, compassionate, empathic, and loving approach in birth.  In order for a positive cesarean to come together a mother needs to find a great doctor that understands the importance of building a positive birth from the beginning and into the life of the mother and child relationship.  This episode was very moving for me and our listeners. The possibility of creating a sacred tradition, and honoring and empowering women who are facing birth by cesarean section is a new idea. It is an incredibly important practice, and when you hear this episode you’ll understand that it’s not too difficult to achieve a positive cesarean experience. Many women have felt disempowered by their experiences with cesareans in the past, and it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Kelly Meehan, MA
Kelly Meehan, MA

This month I am pleased to introduce Kelly Meehan!  

Kelly is a birth healing visionary, sacred therapist, mystical creator, a conscious writer, and birth wisdom activist.  She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology along with MFT training, and other body and mind and energy therapies. She has been in the media with radio spots, a TV Show (Nighttime Prime) and published in numerous Blog articles.  In her work, she focuses on spirituality in conception, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She uses her extra sensory sensitivity (Clairvoyance/ Clairsentience) and deep wisdom to support women in achieving a confident birth, a spiritual pregnancy, healing conception, and conscious parenting.

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Photo Credit Chris Klau
Photo Credit Chris Klau

Sarah Louisignau, host of the Birth Works! Project, is a CAPPA trained Doula, focusing on Yoga + Ayurvedic practices to serve her clients with ancient wisdoms.  She also is a Thai Yoga massage therapist, Pelvis Empowerment advocate and has trained in Maya Abdominal Massage.  She teaches and sees clients in Golden, Colorado.


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