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About the Project

This community-based series will explore ideas of creating positive and healing birth experiences for the whole family.  The hope is to illustrate how birth works – beautifully, magically, intuitively and instinctually – and empower women to discover the birth they want, and find support in that birth choice – through the entire process!

Topics explored will include Ayurveda, Fertility, Yoga, Prenatal care, Postnatal care, Nutrition and Diet, Herbs and Aromatherapy, and more.

Sarah Louisignau hosts this free topic call once a month on the first of the month. The episodes are recorded LIVE and there’s always time for Q&A at the end – os don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect and talk to the guest experts LIVE!

There will be guest speakers and special topics, announced as they finalize, so stay tuned and check out the calendar to see who is up next month.  Please opt-in to participate in the live show below!

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Guest Experts – Read Bios of Guest Experts

Episode Archive – Check Out Past Episodes

Calendar – See What’s Coming Up

Resources – Lots of Good Links and Connections



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kirsten says:

    I recently gave birth for the first time and wow, what an experience!
    This looks like a wonderful project to empower women to embrace many facets of childbirth.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


    1. Congratulations Kirsten and thank you! I feel so honored to host this community. Get involved however you like, be that by listening to past episodes, sharing information, or calling into the live show! Be sure to opt-in to get the email with links to the call if you want to ask any questions of the Guest Experts!


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